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The Categorical List of Masterpiece Films

Pixly topics are kind of film collections that can be a genre or subgenre film list with brief or detailed explanations. The films of these lists are selected by us. Those include the top and well-known movies of its category. We often expand our collections by either creating a new list of movies or updating the current ones.
For example, in the Gangster movies, you will find an analysis of the genre and the very best gangster and mafia movies.
Maybe you didn't hear the Cyberpunk genre. No problem, we also explained it in details and made the list with the top cyberpunk films.
Discovering a new genre or subgenre always worth a shot.
Moreover, you will find below the best movies of Arthouse, LGBTQ+, Feel-Good, Dialogue-Focused, etc..
Enjoy your discover experience.

Gangster Movies - The Best Gangster and Mafia Films of All Time

The brief analysis of the gangster movies and the list of the best gangster and mafia movies like many Scorsese films, Scarface, The Godfather, Reservoir Dogs

The Best Mystery Movies of All Time

The best mystery movies list includes the top examples of the sub-genres like crime, detective, and thriller mystery films that heavily arouse curiosity.

The Best Cyberpunk Movies Of All Times

The best cyberpunk movies that will make you question technology and progression for tech lovers and people who seek cyberpunk movie recommendations.

The Best Biography Movies About The Great Historical Figures

The best biography movies of the great artists, musicians, politicians, leaders, thinkers, philosophers and controversial public figures.

The Great Arthouse Films

The best art house films for film lovers and people who seek movie recommendations that are classified as art house movie.

The Best Thought Provoking Movies

The great thought provoking and mind bending movies that makes us deeply think the specific questions.

The Best Movies That Based On True Stories

The best movies based on true stories for film lovers and people who seek movie recommendations that based on real events and true stories.

The Best Dialogue Movies That Focus on Rich and Intelligent Dialogues

The best dioalgue movies that comes into foreground with its rich dialogues and intelligent conversations for film lovers and people who seek movie recommendations with rich dialogues

The Great Movies That Passed The Bechdel Test

The best movies passed the Bechdel test which is a measure of the representation of women in fiction.

The Best Feel-Good Movies That Leaves Warm Feelings On You

Sometimes ultimately what we need is warm feelings and good vibes. This film list is consists of feeling good movies and good vibes movies.

The Best LGBTQ+ Movies of All Times

Some of the best LGBTQ+ films of all times that includes really good movies and masterpieces from Queer Cinema.

The Best Controversial Movies of All Times

The most controversial movies of all times list. The movies that shock, thrill, and provoke the audiences and cause public disagreements on specific issue.

The Movies That Are Based On Great Video Games

The Hollywood adaptations of legendary video games. We curated this list by choosing movies that are based on best video games.

Collected List Of Films

In this part of the great lists of films, you will find very different cinema masterpieces from all around the world cinema. The movies that have won the  grand prize of film festivals, favourite movies of the directors, top and best movies according to  cinema professionals, and many more.

Are you looking for mainstream movies and classics that must be watched?

You can check the IMDB Top 250 or Pixly Selections.

Are you looking for art movies rather mainstream films?

You can check the list of movies that have won the grand prize of Cannes, Berlin and Venice Film Festivals. The lists of favourite movies of famous directors can also be a good place for you.

The Horror Movies Released in 2019

2019 was a year in which quality horror films were produced. We've compiled the horror films of 2019. Especially three films are starring in

December 2019: Upcoming Movies in Theaters

We have compiled some of the best movies that will be in the theatres in december 2019. You will see the latest Jumanji film, the end movie

Pixly Selections: 150+ Really Good Movies to Watch

This film list is curated by us and there are really good movies. if your question is what movie should i watch? This list is for you.

IMDb TOP 250

Nearly thirty years old canonical database IMDB is the first reference website of many people. Here The Internet Movie Database Top 250 movies of all times.

The Guardian's Best Movies of the 21st Century

British daily newspaper The Guardian 's best films of the 21st century. The List brings us the best movies of the 21st century

Golden Palm Awards

The all movies which have won the grand prize of Cannes Film Festival. This prize regarded as one of the most prestigious awards in the cinema industry.

Golden Bear Awards

The all movies which have won The Golden Bear award which is the grand prize of Berlin Film Festival also known as Berlinale.

Golden Lion Awards

The list of movies which have won The Golden Lion award which is the grand prize of Venice Film Festival.

Stanley Kubrick's Favourite Movies

Nick Wrigley explores Kubrick's favourite films with the help of Kubrick's right-hand man Jan Harlan. The only Kubrick's favourite films

Director Quentin Tarantino's Favorite Films

In 2009, Quentin Tarantino did a brief interview with Sky Movies ahead of the release of Inglorious Bastards. He made his favourite films list.

Director David Lynch's Favourite Films

The favourite films of David Lynch whose most known for his surrealist films and his own unique styles, "Lynchian".

Director Nuri Bilge Ceylan's Favorite Films

Another great list that comes from Sight & Sound Magazine's canonical reference poll. The poll itself shed light on critics' top movies. Thi

Director Mike Leigh's Favourite Films

The British director of well-known Naked (1993) and Secrets & Lies (1996) movies Mike Leigh's favourite film list.

Director David Fincher's Favorite Films

The Great movies that are made an influence on Academy awarded director David Fincher. Here, the favourite films of David Fincher..