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Don't waste your time by browsing endless cycles. With our AI-based personalized recommendation systems, we are guiding you through multiple universes of the art of film.

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Personal Recommendations - BETA

After rating 40 movies, we can analyze your cinema taste with artifical intelligence then we will make very personalized movie recommendations every week.

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Curated and Collected Movie Lists

Handpicked selected lists of movies by Pixly Editors, beside well known collected movie lists all around the world including favorite film lists of directors and festival awarded movies. Special lists that we call topics that find movies that treat specific topics or subjects.

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Watchlist, Likes, Ratings

Keep and track your personal cinema history by adding movies to watchlist, liking them and giving ratings in one film website.

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Advance Film Search

Advance Search and Filter mechanism with respect to IMDb rating and release year of movies.

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Discover People and Share Movies

Find people whose cinema taste is similar to you. See which movies are currently watched by your friends, and also check your cinema taste similarity with your friends.

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Filmography & Content

Filmographies of the directors, actors, and actress'. The favorite film lists of the famous directors that impressed them. Conversations, interviews and movie essays about directors

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