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We will analyze your cinema taste with our AI-Based film recommendation engine after you rated 40 movies. After then, we will make very personalized movie recommendations based on movies you like.

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You can search movies within your favourite genre or subgenre  and filter them with IMDb rating or release year.

You can rate any movie in order to get good film recommendations or reflect your opinion about this movie. It can also be your public opinion.

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Let search your movies you like and discover movies that have similar genre, tag, or theme with our similar movie finder. Besides, You may also find film recommendations like your favourite film which are suggested by our AI-assisted recommendation engine.

Keep and track your personal cinema history by adding movies to watchlist, or liking them. Then You can share movies from there.

Curated and Collected Lists Of Films

We are also collecting and curating lists of movies that fit your mood or cinema taste such as the favourite list of films of the famous directors, the grand prize winner movies of the prestigious film festivals. Also, there are topic lists that include the best artworks of its category such as ArthouseCyberpunkControversialGangsterMystery and Thought-Provoking movies etc.

Keep and track your personal cinema history by adding movies to watchlist, or liking them. Then You can share movies from there.

We have just started

As Pixly, We have just started. We work passionately to make our business your favorite film website.
Our AI algorithm is currently in a beta phase, and we've collect several lists of movies and topic collections to enrich your discovery experience. These include films that have won major awards (Grand Prize) from prestigious film festivals like Cannes Film Festival, favorite lists of movies from the famous directors such as Quentin Tarantino and Stanley Kubrick.
Also, you will find topic list that have the best artworks of aforomentioned category such as art-house films, cyberpunk movies, films that are based on true stories or video games.
In addition, we have gather together the best popular movies that are up to date and the upcoming cinema works that we are looking forward to. We constantly try to keep our content up to date. Your intellectual support and suggestions are always welcome. Please send us any questions and suggestions in the message box at the bottom of the page or email us at pixly@pixly.app