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We will recommend you good movies considering your taste. In order to get personal movie recommendations, join us by creating an account. After you rate 40 movies, give us some time to analyze. Then, Our AI-assisted algorithms will find and recommend good movies weekly.

How to get personalized recommendations?


    You can use our services effectively by creating an account.It's free.


    Rate at least 40 movies so we can recognize your cinema taste. After than, give us some time to analyze.


    We will find the movies you like based on your ratings with AI-boosted technologies and recommend them to you weekly.

Movie Recommendations

After you rate 40 movies, give us some time to analyze. Then, Our AI-assisted algorithms will find and make very personal movie recommendations.

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Discover great movie posters.

You can search movies within your favourite genre or subgenre and filter them with IMDb rating or release year.

Personal Cinema History

Besides recommendations, Pixly is a movie rating website. Keep and track your favorite films and watchlist in one platform.

Curated Lists of Films

We are passionately expanding our movie lists. Besides categorical film lists, we have many collected popular collections. See other movie lists

Cyberpunk Movies.
Outbreak Movies.
Mystery Movies.
Rom-Com Movies.
Biography Movies.
Thought Provoking Movies.
Gangster Movies.
BDSM Movies.

Pixly, Movie Recommendations, and List of Films

When making movie suggestions, it is essential to consider the art of cinema, the cinema industry and the complex human nature of the audience. Since we consider these, we want to offer you multiple services reasonably.

Our AI-assisted algorithmic movie recommendation engine is currently in a beta phase. Besides, content-like movie recommendation services show contentful similars to movies that you choose.

We are curating movie lists including the best examples of various genres and categories like Mystery, Gangster, Romantic Comedy, Cyberpunk etc...

We are also collecting popular film lists around the world, such as the grand prize winner movies of film festivals, director’s favourite movies and other popular list of films.

We constantly try to keep our content up to date. Your intellectual support and suggestions are always welcome. Please send us questions and suggestions via pixly[et]pixly.app

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