What is Pixly.com?

Pixly is a service designed to help you create professional photos effortlessly and boost your professional profile or get you heaps of swipes on dating apps. It leverages the latest Stable Diffusion model finetuned to generate realistic images in any style you choose.

Pixly is the first AI Photo Generator that allows you to generate professional photos from just a single selfie. You define how you want to look like and the photo is then mapped on the generated character

For the best resemblance, you can train your own AI Character based on at least 10 photos of you. You can then generate your own character in many different styles or you can define your own and write your own prompts.

Why am I building Pixly.com?

I always wanted to have really good photos of myself, both professional photos as well as photos from travelling. However I was usually the photographer and photos of me were never good. If they were good, I may not have had the haircut I wanted to have or I had clothes I didn't want or my pose was owkvard. I realized that even with one selfie, one can generate amazing photos. I finetuned the latest Stable diffusion to provide the best possible results so that anyone can create photos they always wanted to have.

Who is behind Pixly?

Jan Kratochvil, a programmer and solopreneur building useful apps that help people. Follow me on Twitter @janbuilds or check out my other apps pawesome.art, jre.ai