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Pixly has completed its lifetime. It was the first project and we learned many things in its lifetime. Thanks for your support.
We will continue our web projects on Studio Woke ~ Design & Technology & SEO
The articles will transferred to Personal Blog About Design and Technology Stuff
At this time, we also thanks LA-CUISINETTE Organic Foods for their moral supports.

A Brief Introduction to Collaborative Filtering

The basic idea of collaborative filtering is analyzing common interests of persons on a specific field like cinema, in order to make good movie recommendations.

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Django - GraphQL - React Integration Tutorial -1

In this part, you will see the introduction to this tutorial and project description. Also, We will build a Django project from scratch.

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Django - GraphQL - React Integration Tutorial: Part-2

In this part, we will continue to create Django React integration with GraphQl framework by doing a backend API architecture with graphene library.

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Django - GraphQL - React Integration Tutorial: Part-3

The final part of the tutorial.We will create a react app with webpack from scratch and integrate it with Django for both development and production environment

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